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“That’s the problem with leaving.
What is?
It deprives you of catharsis.
What’s catharsis?
It means ‘to cleanse with blood’.”

‘Eden’ explores the universal longing to leave behind or, better yet, to completely destroy the world you know and build something new in its place. Eight unnamed characters embark on a journey of ritual, cruelty and love with high spirits and good humour, reliving old stories and inventing new ones. As their dialogue weaves between chorus and soliloquy the characters try on various roles – believer, butcher, leader, lover, traveller, prophet – in search of answers. Is wandering in circles quite the same thing as standing in place?


A – Tamo Saringer                              1 – Alina Murakhver

B – Sariel Castaño Díaz                     2 – Margot Hrabak

E – Jim Burns                                     3 – Magdalena Fliegner

O – Yuval Gal Cohen                         4 – Jamie Thomas


Written by Luke Dunne

Director – Izzy Collie-Cousins
Assistant Director – Rosa Kluge
Assistant Director – Ola Kabala
Stage and Production Manager – Nadja Bonk
Set Designer – Talea Funk
Set Designer – Simon Veyl
Sound Designer – Jack Heritage