3 Rounds of Screaming

by Peter Hubbard

The show is ON! TWO NIGHTS ONLY!

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English Theatre Leipzig in association with Neues Schauspiel Leipzig presents
3 Rounds of Screaming
“A Marriage Proposal” by Anton Chekhov
“Struggle Session” from “Offices” by Ethan Coen
“Debate” from “Almost an Evening” by Ethan Coen

Premiere: 2nd of February 2022, 8pm
Additional Shows:
3rd of February 2022

Cast & Crew

Sarah Abate Jackie Fischer Pablo Franchini Pamela Gaurel Armin Hertel Solomon Kelly Junyu Li Christine Richter Jasper Runge Josiane Segar Alexandr Sterlev Directed by Peter Hubbard and Letizia Rivera Lights and Sound by Clara Mix