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[Exit Stage Right]

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As we can see currently with the trainwreck that is Brexit, taking one‘s leave of another often has … issues. The feelings and emotions evoked by “goodbye“ are numerous and often complex. And we all must deal with this experience of separation many times in our lives. Is it chaos; like Brexit, or a golden opportunity; such as when you finish your studies and leave school that final time? Usually it is a more nuanced, bittersweet transition from one chapter of our lives to the next.

Departure, parting, exodus, leave-taking, to quit, retire or withdrawal; they all in some way depict one’s exit from the scene. In its latest production, English Theatre Leipzig takes up the theme of leaving and examines it through a series of vignettes created by a half dozen of our directors. Whether a short skit, an extract from a larger piece or a freshly-written soliloquy, they all address the topic in their own way.

ETL’s directors have selected works from a wide range of authors, in addition to creating some original texts. Adding their own unique perspectives, our directors explore the emotional rollercoaster that is “so long.“ Or, as the Bard once said, “parting is such sweet sorrow.“