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SEASON 2022/2023

adapted from Shakespeare’s As You Like It

Directed by Letizia Rivera

Credit: Mim Schneider

The forest of Arden, once home to squirrels, badgers, and the occasional bear, has with the rise of the evil new Duke become a refuge for outcasts. Banished for being the daughter of the good old Duke, Rosalind finds herself there all alone – that is, except for her best friend, one or two hearty jesters, a melancholy lord, a handsome yet inexperienced young man, his vindictive older brother, and a surprising collection of foresters. Through all this she must make her way, disguised for safety as an ordinary wanderer, to find her fortune and whoever it is who has been scrawling her name into the trees.

English Theatre Leipzig presents Arden, a light adaptation of As You Like It with updates for a modern audience, of which we are (almost) certain Will Shakespeare would approve.

Premiere 8th September 2022 at Neues Schauspiel Leipzig!

Other dates: 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th September.

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Cast (in order of appearance)

Leon Keim as Oliver, a vindictive lord / the wrestler

Emre Atay as Orlando, his brother

Josiane Segar as Rosalind, the old Duke’s daughter

Jacqueline Fischer as Celia, the new Duke’s daughter

Pablo Franchini as Touchstone, a jester

Armin Hertel as Touchstone, the same jester

Junyu Li as a forester with a violin

Peter Hubbard as Jacques, a melancholy lord

Red right sock as Silvius, a shepherd

Red left sock as Phoebe, a shepherdess

Crew (also in an order of appearance)

Junyu Li & Letizia Rivera, text development

Pablo Franchini, movement instruction

Chiara Funari, costume design

Peter Hubbard, sound design

Tini Sey & Jordan Thieblot, set design

Svea Meyer-Nixdorf, production assistance

Charlotte Kohnert & Peter Gunkel music and vocal instruction

Christoph Giesemann lighting design


Special thanks goes to Teatro Inbiliko, turning 30 this year, who kindly let us borrow the title for our adventure.

SCAB. A Comic Drama in Two Acts by Sheila Callaghan

Anima has plunged into a spiral of self-destruction and is lying on the floor in the “throes of a massive emotional calamity” when her new flatmate comes barrelling in. Christa is perky and self-absorbed, wracked with insecurities. Yet thanks to a set of slightly surreal circumstances, an intense, disturbing friendship quickly ensues under the watchful gaze of a malevolent statue and a dying houseplant.

Scab was first performed at the Women’s Expressive Theatre in New York City twenty years ago.

Premiere 1st December 2022 at Neues Schauspiel Leipzig!

Other dates: 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th December.


Anima: Victoria Weber

Christa: Josiane Segar

Alan: Sebastian Geiger

Mary-Androgyne / Mom: Jing Su

Davie / Artie / Angel One: Armin Axt

Jenna / Angel Two: Svea Meyer-Nixdorf

Kellee: Anna Ivanova & Victor Dos Santos


Director: Letizia Rivera

Assistant Director: Svea Meyer-Nixdorf

Stage Manager: Nadja Bonk