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AnthropoScene at a glance – discover our first science & theatre workshop at ETL

A weekend of reflection and (scenic) action revolving on main themes of sustainability, biodiversity, theatre practice.. and how they can creatively intersect.

1 Workshop | 2 days | 4 organisers | 12 brave, wonderful participants

Day 1 – theatre games, improv and our one-million-dollar question: what is sustainability?

Day 2 – theatre challenge: a play in a day!

A few impressions from the participants..

The staff was an absolute dream, very cheerful and inspiring. Connecting biodiversity and theatre is a challenging task, but it was amazing to see what came out of it!
I had no idea how science could be communicated through theatre. AnthropoScene totally nailed it.
ETL hosts great workshops. They are ambitious, dedicated and very open to everyone. Truely a community theatre!

English Theatre Leipzig at Neues Schauspiel with 

Letizia Rivera, doctoral researcher in theatre studies at Leipzig University

Josiane Segar, senior researcher in ecology and biodiversity at iDiv

Dr. Anran Luo, social-environmental policy post-doc researcher at UFZ

Dr. Christine Richter, social geographer at Fraunhofer IMW

Pictures: Peter Hubbard, Turamania Art

Stage management: Nadja Bonk

Kindly supported by IDiv and Leipzig Stiftung.