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NEW VOICES opens on September 7th, 8pm

Grab your tickets here and join us for an exciting evening of theatre!

Three stories. Three worlds on a stage. Our latest project New Voices brings to you three original short plays, each revolving around the theme “connections” in many different ways through unique storylines.

Following shows on 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th September at Neues Schauspiel Leipzig, Lützner Str. 29.

What I learned from my time in the Fridge 

Alex Wilde has recently got a bit more famous than your average person. After deciding to spend hours every day in a fridge for nine months, the time has now come to share that experience with the world via a TED Talk. It’s amazing who they’ll let stand on a stage and talk at you these days… but you might be surprised by what kind of skeletons there are in Alex’s closet, or at least what is really being kept in the fridge. This ersatz show about change, fear of the unknown and ‘outside-the-fridge’ thinking presents an experience that is in equal measure funny and discomforting. Join Alex as they take you on a journey through the circumstances that led them to climb into the fridge, and how the experience of being inside transformed them in ways they couldn’t possibly have expected.

Sam Kioni Roberts – Playwright and Director 
Yuliiana Pynzenyk – Assistant Director 
Lillian Kaufmann as Alex Wilde
Philipp Schrot as Billy
Emma S. Jahns as Casey
Armin Axt as Schroedinger’s Cat


Scratch has a problem. Alongside the usual crippling pressures of being the Devil, tempter of souls, they appear to have inconveniently fallen in love with the human race. On top of everything else, their love being unreciprocated for Millennia has also brought them to the brink of madness. It’s okay, though, because they have a genius plan that is guaranteed to take care of everything…sort of. Morningstar is a darkly comedic one-person play in which audiences – as representatives of humanity – get to experience Scratch’s schemes, seduction, and spiral into madness first-hand.

Director, writer, animator – Nerius 
Assistants – Lilli Kauffmann, Yuliiana Pynzenyk
Nele Rook as Scratch
Connor Fox as Scratch

Echolalia devised and directed by Josiane Segar and Sebastian Geiger

You’ve built up a world together that makes sense and it’s uniquely yours. You understand each other better than anyone else in the world. When you moved in together, you had the exact same taste in furniture. They support all your dreams and tolerate your under-the-sheet farts. They’re your soulmate… Except you hate them. They forgot to bring home the milk even though you asked twice. The secret language you’ve built up together is becoming lost in translation. Their words filter through your traumas, your desires and your best kept secrets. The world you’ve built up together, it’s uniquely flawed.

Letizia Rivera as Sofia
Pablo Franchini as Mateo

Kindly supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Leipzig.